Welcome to my website. My name is Sarah Wray and my passion is well-being; to help people – whether individuals or within organisations – to enhance their own well-being; to thrive not just survive! 


Each of us experience ups and downs in our well-being at different times in our lives. We know when our well-being is good we feel happier and healthier; we feel and function better personally, socially and at work. 


We can all help ourselves to have better well-being; whether there is a specific issue that is holding us back, and we are ready to deal with; or to build well-being techniques to handle the stresses of life better on a daily basis and support us when life throws us a curve-ball!  We all deserve to live in the best way we can.


How can I help you?


     One-to-one therapies / practices, including working with children and young people, on a specific issue, maybe negative emotions, beliefs, fears, anxiety, addiction, exam pressure, building confidence and self-esteem, weight loss…focusing on a specific therapy or a combination of practices, depending on the needs of the client.  


     Well-being classes and workshops which are a great way to build understanding of how to look after ourselves and our well-being, and can be fun, inspiring and life-changing! 

Mastering Anxiety classes which is a six week course to help master anxiety and calm the mind through a range of self-help techniques


     Schools, community groups and businesses offering bespoke well-being packages and courses.




I am qualified and have experience in a range of therapies and techniques


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anxiety Specialist

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.

Reiki Practitioner

Meditation Teacher

Mindfulness Practitioner

Paws b Mindfulness in Schools Project trained teacher



To all this work I bring my qualifications and experience of well-being techniques and therapies, alongside my years of teaching and leadership experience, knowledge and understanding. 




I trained as a Primary teacher and taught for nearly twenty years, ten of these as a senior leader and then head teacher. I absolutely loved my work with children and their families and feel very privileged to have done this for so many years. 


Life took is toll though, and the pressures of trying to balance the stresses of work and life took me on a journey to find a way of dealing with this. January 2014 saw me take my first healing course, Quantum Breath Level 1 followed quickly by Level 2 in March 2014. I began to let go of pain, fear, negative emotions and beliefs that I had held for years, and it ignited a passion and need to learn more about myself and how to find peace and balance in my life. 


As my learning continues I understand how powerful we are in changing our own lives and well-being; at times we have no control over things that happen but we have total control over how we handle it – having the tools to choose how we handle things is so empowering. 


This quote from Wayne Dyer is so powerful to me






Having spent so many years in school and working closely with staff, children, families and the community, I have seen the increasing pressures and stress both adults and children feel in our ever-changing world. This makes me even more passionate to share the practices I have learnt and use, to equip us to handle and enjoy life! 



TESTIMONIALS - What People Said

"I came across Sarah Wray via an internet search for Sheffield's recommended hypnotherapist. At the time I was exploring hypnosis for smoking. I knew I wanted to stop by just wasn't sure if the timing was right. Sarah went above and beyondas she spent time over the phone exploring the timing, reasons and options. She was empathetic, patient and reassuring. We also discussed the option of doing some Emotional Freedom Technique.

I have had hypnosis in the past in a different city but found I was still dibbling and dabbling with nicotine. However having gone ahead with the hypnosis with Sarah, I am pleased to say I have been 100% smoke free for approximately two months. In the past I have been in situations where I would socially smoke but this time around I have remained smoke free which is exactly what I wanted. 

Having come across Emotional Freedom Technique in the past, I was initially a little cynical but again I cannot recommend it enough and have been astonished about the effectiveness of it. 

Sarah is extremely invested and committed in the people she works with and aforementioned, I found she went above and beyond, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much Sarah."

Paula - August 2019

"Being apprehensive at the start of doing a mindful practice course, EFT and Hypnotherapy with Sarah, I can honestly say it's been life changing. The thing that makes Sarah stand out is that you can see that she genuinely cares for your well-being and it comes across in the therapy she provides. She instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable, allowing you to relax and be open. Dealing with chronic pain and extreme anxiety I went to see Sarah, I am now in a position where my pain has significantly reduced and I have powerful coping strategies to manage my anxiety. I would recommend Sarah to family, friends and work colleagues in a heart beat." 

Kay - July 2019

"Thoroughly enjoyed the classes and taking some time just for myself. I do feel as though I have benefited already and with more practice I hope it will be easier to make time without feeling guilty. It was very interesting to explore several topics rather than just meditation."

Karen - May 2019


“It was a lovely Reiki session. I felt really comfortable and Sarah ensured that I was able to relax while she went to work. I asked to be more centred and I got what I asked for. On leaving Sarah I felt calm, relaxed and destressed. Thank you.”

Lorraine  - March 2019


“Sarah is a lovely therapist who puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. Highly recommended.”

Sandra   - January 2019


"Professional, caring therapist that I would recommend to family and friends. A wonderful lady who listens to you. At ease and comfortable from the start of our sessions."

Sharon  - January 2019